Yet Another Music Player - A CS340 Project

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Welcome to YAMP.

Yet Another Music Player (YAMP) is a simple, fast and robust cross-platform MP3 player. It started as a class project for CPSC-340 Software Engineering at Trinity College, Hartford, CT. YAMP is open-source and completely free (both beer and speech).

If you like YAMP, consider contributing code into YAMP and make it better. You can contribute by forking us on github

$ git clone https://github.com/kevinlmh/YAMP.git
$ cd YAMP

Not very good with coding? Don't worry. You can help us with documentation or you can help us by making a donation.

Authors and Contributors

YAMP was created by Minghui Liu (@kevinlmh), Jack Wallace (@jackwallace) and Pranav Bhandari (@pbhandar2).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with YAMP? Check out the documentation here or contact minghui.liu(at)trincoll.edu and we’ll try our best to help you.