Lemon Weather for android is a weather app with beautiful lemon theme. It provides current weather report and future forecasts for your favorite cities.

Lemon Weather has the following features:

  • Access weather data for all US cities
  • Get current weather conditions displayed in lemon icons
  • 3-hourly weather forecast for today
  • Forecasts for next 4 days
  • Track all your favorite cities
  • Search, add and delete cities
  • Personalize settings
  • Customize notification alarm to remind yourself
  • Change between metric and imperial units (ex. Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperature, m/s and miles/h for wind speed)
  • Detailed current conditions
  • Cloudiness, pressure, humidity, wind speed and angle
  • Sunrise and sunset time

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LemonWeather is designed to be a cheerful and convenient weather app. We chose lemon to be our theme because a sliced lemon resembles the sun and gives the user a refreshing feeling. Every lemon icon is hand-drawn and unique.


When LemonWeather is launched for the first time, a toast will pop up and assist the user to get started.

City List

Tapping the drawer icon on the action bar or swiping from left to right brings up the city list that stores all cities that users want to keep track of. On top of the city list is a search box for searching cities.

Search City

To add a city, users can either click on a search result in the result dialog or simply select a city from the search suggestions.

Home Screen

Following selection of a city from the city list, the homepage will display the current weather conditions and forecasts of the next four days.

Delete City

User can also press and hold the city to delete it from the city list.


In landscape orientation, LemonWeather displays more details about the current selected city, including cloudiness, humidity, pressure, wind speed and angle and time of sunrise and sunset. On the right hand side, there will be forecast for the rest of the day 3 hourly.

LemonWeather offers a few settings that users can modify according to their preferences. Clicking on the settings icon on the right side of the action bar brings up the settings page, where the users can change display units, enable/disable notification and set notification time. Units change includes temperature unit and wind speed, namely, fahrenheit/celsius and miles per hour/meters per second.


A push notification will remind the user to check weather updates daily at a user-specified time if notification feature is enabled. The notification is dismissable and comes with lemon icon and cute sound effect.