I am a HPC Software Engineer at Altair. I graduated from Trinity College with a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

For my past experiences please download my CV


I worked as an Undergradute Researcher in Prof. Peter Yoon’s HPC Research Group. My partner and I explored the feasibility of accelerating image matching computation on GPUs. We extracted features of images using openSURF and represented them as hypergraphs. Then we parallelized the probabilistic hypergraph matching algorithm of Zass et al. (2008)’s using CUDA. Compared to the baseline serial implementation on CPUs, our parallel implementation achieved 8x-20x speedup for images with 128 feature points or more. We presented our result at the 2015 GPU Technology Conference.

Recently I became interested in distributed systems and databases. To pursue opportunities in research, I am applying to Ph.D programs for Fall 2020.

My research interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Concurrency control mechanisms
  • Replication and consensus protocols
  • Dynamic data placement

Technical Skills

I am fluent in C and Python, and familiar with Golang, Bash Script and Java. I love open source projects and I have contributed to toybox and scikit-learn.