Yet Another Music Player - A CS340 Project

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Welcome to YAMP.

Yet Another Music Player (YAMP) is a simple, fast and robust cross-platform MP3 player. It is old-school and behaves like the good old Winamp. It started as a class project for CPSC-340 Software Engineering course at Trinity College, Hartford CT. YAMP is open-source and completely free (both beer and speech).

With YAMP you can:

If you like YAMP, consider contributing code into YAMP and make it better. You can contribute by forking it on github

$ git clone https://github.com/minghui-liu/YAMP.git

Not very good with coding? Don't worry. You can help us with documentation or you can help us by making a donation.

Authors and Contributors

YAMP was created by Minghui Liu, Jack Wallace and Pranav Bhandari.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with YAMP? Check out the documentation here or contact minghui.liu.2017 (at) trincoll.edu and we’ll try our best to help you.